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Fi Asia-Indonesia 2020

Fi Asia-Indonesia 2020

Time:2020/12/09 - 2020/12/11


Region:Indonesia//No region


Did you know that Asia provides around 40% of the world’s ingredients?

· Growing trends in the region are beverages, bakery, dairy, health foods & natural ingredients

· In Southeast Asia clean labels are increasingly meaningful to consumers, with 20.9% of product introductions containing one or more natural or organic ingredients

· Local ingredients remain a strong favourite, with a strong traditional connotation being associated with them


Next Stop, Jakarta

· Learn from the experts and gain insights into the latest innovations, technology, trends and developments in the regional food & beverage industry

· Explore Fi Asia’s Seminar Theatre for our extensive free seminar program

· Stay up-to-date with industry developments at the Innovation Zone or take a Discovery Tour to learn about new ingredients at your own pace 

· Participate in topic-focused guided Innovation Tours around the show floor


An easy & streamlined trip

We’ve made planning your Fi Asia trip quick and hassle-free. Get an overview of all you need to know pre-show to plan for your trip to Jakarta, including advice on visas, accommodation options and access to the expo.


Pre-registration: https://www.figlobal.com/asia-indonesia/en/forms/register-to-attend.html



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