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            June 2014 Online: B2B program preparation. Offline: the 16th Fi Asia-China, Hi & Ni 2014, the 10th Starch Expo 2014, Expo FoodTec 2014 and the 5th HNC 2014 were held in Shanghai New Expo Center grandly.

            July 2014: we finished network platform positioning, product and service planning, development progress planning and other preparation work.

            August 2014: we released the website logo (Chinese name: 食品加工在線, domain name: www.guangfupj.com), completed designing Chinese website prototype and cooperated with Shanghai Muquan to make VI and UI design and platform building.

            September- November 2014: we developed the Chinese edition.

            December 2014: we invited industrial users to make public test.

            January 2015: we made the Chinese edition put online, opened membership registration service and completed designing English website prototype.

            February 2015: Food Processing online (www.guangfupj.com) started formal business operations, and promoted online marketing service.

            March 2015: we opened E-Manual Channel and paperless information technology in an effort to provide new service experience to exhibitors.

            April 2015: we closed beta of English edition.

            May 2015: we upgraded Chinese edition products and services and promoted loyal client feedback plan.

            June 2015: Online: public test of English edition; provide online appointment and exhibition site matching service for the exhibitors. Offline: the 17th Fi Asia-China, Hi & Ni 2015, the 11th Starch Expo 2015, Expo FoodTec 2015 and the 6th HNC 2015 were held in Shanghai New Expo Center grandly;

            July 2015: English edition will be put online to provide good service experience for foreign buyers consulting with Chinese suppliers face to face.


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