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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy




Security and Privacy

This privacy statement explains how to use the service of this website to process personal and business data of the user. The following text discloses the data collection and application of this website. We are improving the privacy statement of the website. We will updat it at any time. Welcome to check this statement at any time. Please visit www.guangfupj.com to give us your opinions.

While agreeing service terms of "SJGLE.com", you have agreed that we can use and disclose your personal information according to this privacy statement. All terms of this privacy statement are part of this agreement.

Data Collection

When a visitor browses this website, the website will only record this browse as 「Click」 and will not collect any personal and business data of the visitor. 「Click」 means recording the general statistics that allows the editor of this website to show the views of the website.

After the visitor registers into a member, the website will collect the personal and business data, which include but not limited to the company name, the contact, address, addressee, telephone and fax number, email address, business nature and other information that can help improve the website services or deemed necessary. Among them, some personal and business data must be provided, while others are voluntary. If the visitor refuses to provide personal and business data required, the visitor cannot become a member of this website, and the website might not be able to process the service use request.

Before the visitor using any services of this website, it will collect relevant personal and business data from the visitor including but not limited to company information, product information, commodity supply data and inquiry, assignment and credit card details. If the registered visitor refuses to provide these personal and business data, the website might not be able to process the service use request of the registered visitor.

The website will also collect statistics relevant to the website and the user including the computer logged data, the internet protocol address, the standard network recorded data, the website views, the website flow data, advertisement data and others.

Data Use

This website use personal and business data of the users for the following purposes:

Operate this website and services;

Write statistics about use of this website and services;

Provide services and client support required by the user;

Improve and updat functions and services;

Process service requests and demands of the users;

Inform the users of the messages, surveys, production information, new services and privilege that they might be interested in and communications associated with the user;

Other purposes specified on the website inviting the user to provide personal and/or business data.

Data Disclosure

Information of members of "EN-SJGLE.com" is stored in a safe system which is not open to the public. "SJGLE.com" respects privacy of every member and will not disclose their information to any third party except for the following situations:

You allow the website to share the data;

The website needs to share your data in order to provide the product or service that you require;

The summon, court order or regulations of legal process document, or the website considers that it must comply with any legal regulations of a law enforcement agency or a government organ (according to the websites opinion, the agency or organ has the power to acquire the data) (when the website does not need to inform the user of disclosure of the data);

It is necessary to protect legitimate interests and rights of "EN-SJGLE.com";

It is necessary to execute service terms of "EN-SJGLE.com";

It is necessary to protect legitimate interests of users and the social public of "EN-SJGLE.com".

"SJGLE.com" reserves the right to provide the statistics analysis to charged clients and business partners.


"EN-SJGLE.com" uses cookie to make this website friendlier to the users. You can reject cookie, but if you do reject, you may lose some functions.

Joint Operation and Alliance Relations

The website has established alliance relations with some relevant organs, so that you can enjoy products and services the website does not provide itself. This website makes the user access other parties by providing you hyperlinks of their website on this website or by providing the same and uniform resource locator (URL), domain name or an 「joint operation」 website on the web page under one domain name on the internet shared by them and this website. Generally speaking, the website is not the owner of the joint operating party or the alliance party. The website will also not restrict them on how to use the data you provided to them. Therefore, if a user browses and uses the website of other parties, you must understand the privacy policies and use terms of other parties.

Reserving the Record

General policy of the website is reserving browse record and online action record of the user and there is no time limit.

Disclose Information

Due to characteristics of the website, products that are not defined into "conceal" by the user will be public information. So "EN-SJGLE.com" reminds and asks the users to think deliberately whether to disclose their personal information. Each user has the right to edit, release and delet the data. Moreover, we reserve the right to delet unhealthy product and terminate the service at any time. As for loss of products caused by operation of the users themselves, the website bears no liability.

Safety Measures

The website has relevant safety measures to make sure that the information will not lose, be misused or be altered. These safety measures include backing up the data on other servers or encrypting the users passwords. Though "EN-SJGLE.com" has these safety measures, you must know that there are no "perfect safety measures" on the internet.


The website will bear no liability for the following situations:

You tell the user password to others or share an account with others, which leads to disclosure of personal data and information loss;

Personal data lost, disclosed, stolen or falsified due to force majeure that affect the normal operation of the computer, such as computer problem, hacker attack, information virus penetration or attack, temporary close of the website due to government regulation;

The website provides your name or address to a third party (e.g. the express company or the post office) when sending materials or other information you subscribe.

Change of the Privacy Statement

Any change of this privacy statement will be disclosed on the web page of privacy statement of www.guangfupj.com. The change will take effect since the disclosure date.

Contact Us

If you have any opinion or suggestion on this privacy statement or the privacy protection measures of "EN-SJGLE.com", as well as any problem when using the website, please contact us.



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